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May 11, 2012

A thank you to Mom's and stuff.


Dearest Mothers,

Every year we get to Mother’s Day and we show you our gratitude in the form of flowers, handmade cards (or as us guys do, Hallmark Cards). Well, it should be a daily thing. Because you mothers, regardless of anything, are there for us daily. So to the entire flock of Mother’s out there. This is for you.

To all of the mothers out there who are:

  • Taking care of their kids.
  • Being there.
  • Comforting them when they cry.
  • Laughing with them.
  • Encouraging them.
  • Doing it alone.
  • Smiling.
  • Caring.
  • Being fun.
  • Guiding us.
  • Forgive us.
  • Manages.
  • Providing.
  • Shuttling them to and fro.
  • Teaching.
  • Disciplining.
  • Helping them to become a functional member of society.
  • Loving them.
  • Teaching them to be better.
  • Diversifying them.
  • Providing Stability.
  • Holding them accountable.
  • Disciplining them.
  • Sitting through that performance for the 50th time and cheering like it was the first.
  • Staying up late helping them with that science project.
  • Sneaking that late night cookie.
  • Letting them be who they are.
  • Showing compassion.
  • Teaching us it’s ok to cry and stuff.
  • Showing us that you Care
  • Pushing us when we need to be pushed just a little.
  • Helping them achieve their dreams…



Thank you. NONE of us would be here without your love and guidance, and your birthing skills, and that one night that....well you know.

If your mom is close, hug her. If not, call her. Don’t be a stupid face dodo dumdum butthead.