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May 30, 2013

The baby feeder bottle can travel wherever the child goes either on land, air or sea.

Everyone has witnessed instances when babies are too small to hold their Baby Bottles, or mothers are too busy to help their children drink from bottles. This is the eternal struggle between mothers and children when bottles fall off from their hands and mothers are unable to help their children.
There is however a product in the market that can help mothers to help their children in drinking from their baby bottles; it is a baby feeder bottle. A Bottle and Cup Holder Made of Toxic-Free with hooks and attaches which can cling on to multiple surfaces, machine washable and long lasting device called the Mother's Third Arm is here to help.
To define this arm, it is a flexible tube that can be positioned in a wide variety of angles. One end has a large clip that attaches to multiple surfaces including tables, strollers, car seats, high chairs and shopping carts, while the other end features a large cup-like contain that can hold a wide variety of items. Each Mother's Third Arm is built by hand, one at a time to ensure high quality and safety. This Baby Bottle Holder actually can also be positioned in any posture since the arm itself can be moved 360 degrees and the cup holder also rotates 360 degrees.
Mother's Third Arm itself is only about a pound heavy and yet it can hold 2 or 3 pounds with relative ease. This is particularly important when it comes to the safety of the child. As an added help to mothers, the arm has a gentle velvet exterior to soothe children and a sturdy flexible interior ensuring the arm always remain soft to the child’s touch and remain firm in the position you place it, especially when the mother is outdoors, in a car or shopping.

The flexible arm can have many attachments allowing it to be used and reused as the child grows and hence can be used for years together. The baby feeder holder naturally becomes the drinking cup holder, Sippy cup holder which at any time can convert into a craft caddy for them to hold pencils, paint brushes, bubble juice and more. The baby feeder bottle can travel wherever the child goes either on land, air or sea. Not only that, but even as teenagers, these baby feeder holders start to become bottle holders for larger bottles and can even accommodate an iPod.