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January 13, 2009


I once had a dream that I was sitting in a room with McKay and Ferrell.  In the dream, they were interviewing me...

Adam- How long have you been writing?

Me- My whole life.

Will- Your videos are good.

Me- Thanks.

Adam- What do you do for a living to support your writing habit?

Me- Well, I'm a painting contractor.  I bust my ass doing interior/exterior residential repaints but every minute I'm on a ladder with a spray gun or on my knees with a brush, I'm thinking of ideas for sketch comedy and funny short pieces.  I was born to write.

Will (looks to Adam and turns to me)- Well, I think we've heard enough.

Adam- When can you start?

Me- I can start right now.

Adam- Welcome aboard.  (hand shakes)

Me- Thank you for this extraordinary opportunity.

(cut to me up on a ladder against a house with a brush in hand)

Ferrell- Hey painter, you missed a spot. HAHAHA. 

(End of dream)

You see? 

Dreams can come true.