Detroit, Michigan (HAHAJK– It’s a classic case of overlooking a small but universally excepted detail of the usual NFL season, but league officials admit that someone in the front office forgot to remind the Detroit Lions how terrible they were supposed to be.

The Detroit Lions have thus far posted a 4-0 record and had two stunning back-to-back, comeback road victories, at Minnesota and Dallas, that have left several people pointing fingers at the NFL’s front offices in New York City.

“We found the memo already typed and ready to send on Carl’s desk, but somebody must have forgot to send it,” says Betty Connors, a spokeswoman for the NFL. “Carl is on everyone’s sh*t list for forgetting to send out another memo about Cathy’s birthday in Marketing two weeks ago.”

The Lions say that they will do their best to accommodate the league now that the problem has been identified, however, they cannot guarantee if or when they will  be able to begin to play worse than division rivals Chicago or Minnesota.

“We never got the word, so we have just been playing our hearts and asses off,” says QB Jay Schroeder. “It will be a shame to start playing like the dog shit everyone has come to expect from us in past years, but hopefully we can get  back to playing as bad as we have for the last 15 years.”

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