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September 23, 2009


I know it's only been two days since I put up my anti-KISS groups on Myspace and Facebook.But,I can't that nobody dislikes KISS and everybody loves KISS.I also never believed Everybody Loves Raymond or Everybody Hates Chris.My theory is KISS fans like Elvis fanatics,Star Trek,Star Wars,Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings geeks have no lives other than their devotion to crappy music or movies.Before,come down on me about the last statement.I like Star Wars,Lord of the Rings,some old Elvis songs and at one time even KISS.But,I have a life!And,people who dislike,hate,despised,loathe or just don't plain care about the music of KISS;are intelligent people who better things to do than bitch about a bunch of ancient rock fossils. I think it's fun until I find a bone to gnaw on.I guess I'll wait until about a week before I add more stuff on either group.I just would heard someone's else stories or opinions than mine.SAKBLABBATH