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June 04, 2013

Child Slapped at Memorial Day BBQ Had it Coming


NEW HAVEN, CT-  Six year old, Tyler Hubbard was slapped by his mother Tracy Hubbard while the two were attending the annual Memorial Day block party and BBQ held on South Cherry Street in North New Haven.  Onlookers say Tyler was being very disruptive and is said to have sassed his mother at some point during the event, leading to the alleged slapping. “That little bastard wouldn’t shut the hell up,” witness Gina Sherchild said when asked about the incident.  “He was runnin’ around, screaming like a banshee.  I was like, Hello… I’m trying to eat some ribs over here.”

Block captain and event organizer Jerry Spachini had this to say about the slapping:  “We want the kids to have fun.  Really we do.  But this kid was being a real shithead.  He was screaming so damn loud and acting like a maniac.  I had to tell his ma, ‘Hey listen, you’re kid’s acting crazy.  We want him to have fun and all but it’s only Memorial Day for Christ’s sake.  It’s not like its the Fourth of July or some shit.’”

During a press conference held later in the day, Tracy Hubbard was quoted as saying, “I was getting the impression everyone wanted to slap him (six year old Tyler Hubbard).  He was really starting to embarrass me.  After an hour or so of screaming, I asked him to quiet down at which point he called me a “doo-doo head,” and, well, I hate it when he calls me a “doo-doo head.”  So, I slapped him across his face.  Hard.”  When asked if she regretted slapping her son in front of the large group of people, Tracy said, “Oh, no.  I don’t regret smacking him one bit.  Sure, maybe for a split second, I kinda regretted it.  But when everyone started clapping and cheering- I knew I had done the right thing.”