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Published July 12, 2012

Leading men across Hollywood have united to send a message: You don't have to buy women to humiliate them.

"You don't need to buy girls," said Demi Moore's ex, Ashton Kutcher. "That's disrespectful. If you want to show your respect for women, marry them. Then later you can sleep with other women outside your marriage, and you can do it on your anniversary. Nothing wrong with that!"

Despite an ugly divorce many years ago, pop icon Madonna also commented on Sean Penn's participation in the campaign..."I'm here to tell you, Sean has never bought a woman of any age. He has a very charming thing he does with his fists on theirs faces. And I've got the scars to prove it."

Although not married, Justin Timberlake decided to do the add campaign as a precautionary move for future bad press, saying, "Someday I'll get married and when I do I plan to shit all over my wife too."