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July 23, 2015

MSNBC took Senator Schumer to a diner to talk about the Iran deal but unfortunately all he could talk about were his grits.

Senator Chuck Schumer from New York state may be one of the deciding votes in President Obama’s proposed Iran deal. MSNBC sat down with the senior senator to discuss his thoughts and leanings on the Iran deal, but the network made a huge mistake:
They took Schumer to a diner. As Jon Stewart points out, taking an old Jewish New York man to a diner is the worst way to get any information out of him. All he will talk about is diners. Schumer not only proves Stewart’s hypothesis but extrapolates on it beyond our wildest dreams.

This man is the poster man for diners. I’ve never witnessed a person who loves diners more than Chuck Schumer and it’s likely you haven’t either.