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March 05, 2010


Those Were Different Times Contest  #27.
*. {and the fact checking award goes to:}

A rare photo of anorexic Gene Autrey and his sidekick Smiley.
[I loved Smiley as Autrey's sidekick. Smiley wrote over 300 C&W songs and played over 100 instruments. Dead at 55 from leukemia. No, I'm not planning on writing his biography.]

8. the stickman cometh

7. The Playhour Players must adhere to a strict dress code of hat, ascot and spurs.. nothing else.

6. Why do children's entertainers always look like John Wayne Gacy?
-snyetha (like mitch)

5. Smiley was known as Lucky until contracting leukemia

4.5. As my father used to say, "There's nothing more annoying than stick men at a rodeo."
4. As a result of riding naked, the guy on horseback lost his genitals to friction (which may be the best way to lose 'em, if you're gonna lose 'em).

3. Smiley thought if he hung with a horse long enough it might rub off, or rub out.
-ian Renga

2.5 and "Playhour Players" is code for "First Shower In General Population As A Convicted Child Fucker"
2. "Rodeo Songaree" is code for "Van With Shovel And Tarp"

1. Things that make "Smiley"........smily.
A handful of warm lard and the barn to himself.
His new pair of "HoofMaster" boots."Big enough fer the both of ya!
Memories of his 8 seconds ridin "Lil' Pinky" at the Veal Rodeo.
An arm that stinks to the shoulder.
The word "Huevos"
Layin nekkid in the watering trough when the cows are thirsty
Sweaty men
Texting (just kidding, texting hadn't been invented yet)
Wearing skeletal cow hips on his head and calling himself "The Kurgon"
any kind of "oysters" that aren't actual oysters.