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June 08, 2011

Bad Mothers

 Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there.  I compiled a very disturbing list of the 10 worst mothers ever.  If you're a mom don't read this.  If you're a normal person don't read this.  If you have any decency don't read this. OK.  Don't say you weren't warned.  These is some crazy bitches.

10.    Kenisha Berry


  Bound her newborn baby with duct tape and threw him away in the dumpster.  At least try to sell the baby first.  Seems like such a waste.

9.  Susan Smith

 Smith infamously rolled her car into a South Carolina lake with her kids inside.  She then went to the authorities and claimed a "black man" kidnapped her children.  Investigators found several holes in her story and she failed the same polygraph question, concerning the whereabouts of her children, several times.  They eventually found the 1990 Mazda Protege in nearby John D. Long Lake.  Smith was found guilty and is now serving 30 to life.  South Carolina police are still looking for the "black man".

8.  Susan Eubanks

Susan Eubanks shot and killed her four sons in a drunken rage, set off by a domestic squabble with her boyfriend.  She claims to have blacked out during the incident, but says her anger derived from constantly being left by the men in her life (The children were from multiple fathers).  Well that's shocking.  You couldn't keep a man in your life.  Huh? This is the most normal killing on the list by the way. Oh boy.

  7.  Michelle Sue Tharp

  This Pennsylvanian crazy woman starved her 7 year old daughter to death and left her wrapped in a sheet on the side of a West Virgina dirt road.  Official autopsy reports of the daughter had her weighing less then 12 lbs at the time of death.  The fact that this gem is 7th on the list should tell you something about the craziness you're about to see.  

6. Dena Schlosser


  The Plano, Texas woman, amid a 'religious frenzy', amputated her 11 month old's arms as a sacrifice to God. Because that's what God wants.  Baby arms.  Fun fact: She would later bunk with #4 on our list, Andrea Yates, in the psychiatric ward of North Texas State Hospital.  They must've had a lot to talk about.  Hair, nails, boys, "Guiding Light", murdering babies.  She was released into an out-patient program in 2008, but violated terms and was ordered back to North Texas State Hospital in 2010, when firemen found her walking the streets aimlessly at 2 A.M.  What part of cutting a babies arms off makes you think rehabilitation is an option? You don't get better from cutting infant limbs off.  What is she gonna do? Get a degree at the local community college, pursue her dreams to be an architect, and settle down with a nice guy.   

5.  Rosemarie Fritzl

  What a cute couple.  Rosemarie didn't really kill anyone.  She just stood aside as her husband turned their daughter Elisabeth into a sex slave in an underground sex dungeon for 24 years.  That's right.  Twenty-Four years of continuous rape and abuse, while fathering 7 incestuous daughters with his own daughter.  Did Rosemarie think he was just spending a lot of time in the shop?  Working on his model train set?  Where was her daughter for the last 24 years and why was her silly husband Jozef always buying diapers.  And why do these sex dungeon guys always get sloppy in the end?

4.  Andrea Yates

  Yates drowned her five children in a the bathtub one by one then laid them out on her bed.  C'mon Yates, take a cue from Susan Smith.  If you're going to drown your children, drown them in a lake then blame it on a "black guy".  Let's talk about that outfit for a second too.  That's what you're wearing to your murder trial?  The denim vest/flower T combo.  And check out the lawyer.  "Life...no parole...interesting...when is this thing over...taking forever."

3.  China Arnold

China Arnold killed her baby in the microwave. The jury didn't buy her, "I thought it was a burrito" defense.  She will die in jail.

2.  Otty Sanchez

  Otty Sanchez claimed that Satan ordered her to kill her newborn baby and eat its brains.  In response, the prince of darkness had this to say, "Hey man, don't lump me in with that psycho shit. Why would I want you to eat baby brains?  That's the craziest thing I've ever heard of, and I live in hell." 

1.  Marybeth Tinning   

  And the worst mother of them all, hands down, is none other than Marybeth Tinning.  Sweet Marybeth was a child serial killer of her own children.  How many children you ask? Eight of her own and one adopted.  From 1972-1985, she smothered and killed 9 children.  Every time she would smother a child she would rush him to the hospital and claim that 'he just stopped breathing all of a sudden'.  Doctors couldn't find any evidence of foul play so they attributed the fatalities to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.  Conveniently, for Marybeth, SIDS is the vaguest name for any ailment ever.  A child dying in an unexplained manner must be attributed to SIDS in Duanesburg, New York.  

  Every time she would rush a dead baby to the hospital and claim ignorance and every time it happened she happened to be alone.  That has to be the worst police work in the 20th century.  Eight deaths and they really didn't figure it out until she smothered the adopted kid.  This is the late 70's and early 80's.  This wasn't 1897.  "Oh there goes poor Marybeth.  That's her 9th dead baby.  What terrible luck."  Three is bad luck, four is a fishy, five is evidence, and nine is a killing spree.  Happy Mother's Day!!!