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December 09, 2014

The President straight up took over 'The Colbert Report' last night and promptly nailed it.

President Obama appeared on The Colbert Report last night to show off his trademark ability to “take a joke.” But guess what, folks, he was givin’ ‘em out too. And he did it about as well as any presidential comedy fan could hope for.

First, Obama took over Colbert’s “The Word” segment and displayed some of the best and — yeh, I’m willing to say it — BALLSIEST material a U.S. President has ever shown. Making fun of himself, Colbert, Fox News, Obamacare, and his arch nemesis, Republicans. Obama does the segment as if he is Colbert, making plenty of self-deprecating jokes about Colbert and himself (Obama). That’s a confusing way to explain it, but you’ll get it.

Man, Obama really does look way older now. Being President must be tough.

Colbert, for his part, doesn’t balk in his character while interviewing the most powerful man in the world. In the first part of the interview, Colbert and Obama talk the issues. He asks the President about the midterm election disappointment, job creation, and even makes a Hitler joke!

I like to imagine what is going through Obama’s head as Colbert made his “Mucho Jobs-o” joke. He ended up responding to it in the most diplomatic way possible, but you can see the “Oh Lord, what am I gonna say here?” in his face.

The second half of the interview is less issue-based and touches on Obama’s presidency as a whole. Colbert stays tough on Obama until the very end of the interview where I think — and maybe I’m a crazy man — he drops the character and you can tell how much Stephen Colbert, the man, admires the POTUS.

And, I really like the coy little smile Obama gives at the end. He’s flattered!

See that? “Aw shucks, Stephen…”

You might think the interviewin’ is over but, nope! You forgot about the web-only extended interview. In these clips, the two men talk immigration. This is Colbert being especially tough on Obama, calling him an emperor, accusing him of burning the Constitution, challenging his answers, etc. Also, there’s a little jazz talk in there and ain’t nothing cooler than Barack Obama talking jazz.