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August 30, 2017

In case you somehow forgot this very simple concept

With Labor Day drawing near, it’s important to stay fashionable going into the Fall season. Since the 1880’s, wearing white after Labor Day has been considered an obvious fashion blunder. This year in particular, it seems somehow imperative to really reinforce this. Everyone has known not to wear white after Labor Day for so long, yet once again, this reminder is necessary.

That’s no white clothes: shirts, pants, hats, etc. It would be best to tuck these in the closet somewhere. In fact, you may consider throwing some white clothes out entirely. Sure, if you happen to be a house painter, a baby in a diaper, or maybe just the Pope, you are exempt from this policy. Otherwise, there’s pretty much nothing that gives any legitimacy to attempts to wear white, particularly something that maybe looks similar to but not quite like the Pope. As baffling as a reminder that this feels like making, do not wear those clothes.


Anything closely resembling this is a no

There should be no concerns over potentially limiting your wardrobe. Tons of different publications offer great tips on how to dress, like this, this, and even this. There truly are so many different ways to dress, and more importantly, so few ways not to dress. Any of those will work, and now is as good a time as any to expand that wardrobe. Sure, it may have seemed like now was less a good time than before, but it’s becoming increasingly obvious that, yup, now is probably one of the best times.

Until Christmas, stick to the more colorful, or at the very least, grey, apparel. And then even after Christmas, maybe keep that trend going. Think about the impact your poor fashion choices could potentially have on the community around you. When Fall arrives, be part of the overwhelming majority of Americans (that somehow doesn’t feel as overwhelming anymore) that are fashionable and for the love of god, stop wearing white.