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August 01, 2014

“Stop trying to make sense of any of this.” His words, not ours.

Even if you’ve never been, it’s not hard to imagine that the experience of San Diego Comic-Con could be a bit overwhelming to the senses. Now try setting foot into that space while high on mushrooms.

That’s exactly what redditor ansomble did and, well, it didn’t take long for him to regret everything he’s ever done.

Thankfully for us, he texted his girlfriend a very extensive play-by-play of the entire thing. What unfolds is a complete existential crisis. One nearly as intense as you’d experience going to Comic-Con not on shrooms.

SDCC Shrooms 1.png
SDCC Shrooms 2.png
SDCC Shrooms 3.png
SDCC Shrooms 4.png
SDCC Shrooms 5.png
SDCC Shrooms 6.png
SDCC Shrooms 7.png
SDCC Shrooms 8.png
SDCC Shrooms 9.png
SDCC Shrooms 10.png
SDCC Shrooms 11.png
SDCC Shrooms 12.png

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