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Published: September 05, 2008
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bigandrich21_johnrich2_v_e.jpg John Rich of the country music duo "Big and Rich" played his original song "Raisin' McCain" after Sarah Palin spoke Wednesday night. Some people criticized the Republican Party for associating with a band called "Big and Rich."  Inside sources leaked the list of willing performers to FOD and it turns out John Rich was the best choice.

- Darrin G. Reedy and Travis Oldmen
- The Bristol Bangers
- Ben Folds Banks (Teddy Banks covers Ben Folds)
- Hicks on Dicks (Taylor Hicks tribute to detectives)
- Weir Lying (Bob Weir performs lying down)
- Scott Stapp and the Building Seven (a ska band)
- Rhymes with Tapists (Leann Rhymes performs with tap dancers)
- Hootie and The Blowfish