Chicago, Illinois (HAHAJK) – Goldmann Sachs employee Dwayne Johnson, made it clear to other coworkers in his downtown Chicago workplace that he may not be able to focus, following an update to his iPhone that deleted his Angry Birds Rio “App”.

Johnson spends most of his morning stressing about the loss of Angry Birds Rio

Johnson reportedly arrived at work in an extremely distressed mood, according to fellow employee Barbara Gray.

“He seemed really agitated so we assumed he had either got a speeding ticket, or was involved in a minor accident,” she explained. “We asked him if he was okay, he then told us what was wrong.”

People soon found out that things were far worse than they appeared. Johnson explained that he had performed the IOS 5 software update on his iPhone 4 which he made sure everyone knew was “quite an ordeal”.

“I had to update iTunes before I could do anything. I was really stressing out,” he told to anyone, who would listen. “I’m lucky I even made it to work today.” After going through “all of Apple’s hoops” Johnson says he was able to finally update his phone, but when he restored his Apps to the device he noticed one significant difference.

“My Angry Birds Rio App was missing!” he exclaimed. “Nice try Apple!”

Johnson says he spent the better part of the morning trying to get a hold of someone at iTunes support or at Apple Inc.’s main offices in Cupertino, California to get some answers.

“Is this what they do? Remove apps and do nothing to fix the problem? I need my Angry Birds Rio! How am I supposed to take a sh*t without it?”

What Johnson failed to tell his colleagues was that he did still have “Angry Birds” Original, “Angry Birds Seasons”, and the “Mighty Eagle” upgrade all still at his disposal. He merely preferred killing angry monkey to pigs in the Rio version.

Unable to concentrate, Johnson used part of a sick day to return home and attempt to have someone at Apple instruct him how to retrieve his purchase and re-install it.

“I paid for it, and I deserve it. Angry Birds Rio changed my life,” he explained. “I can’t wait for another version to come out. “