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April 11, 2016

The sun is shining and spring is here! You know what that means? Yep, little league baseball season! Let’s lace up the cleats and get into my general likes and dislikes about the current state of little league baseball.


1. The double standards.

When a returning soldier surprises their child at a little league game they are referred to as a “hero”. Videos of these surprises even go viral. When I watch little league baseball in camouflage, I am referred to as a “creep”. They act like they are the only people in the world who are allowed to wear a camouflage jacket and face paint.

2.Sense of entitlement.

Other parents can video tape the games just because they “have a kid on the team”. I’ve seen signs prohibiting tobacco, skateboarding and drinking outside baseball fields in the past, but I have yet to see anything about Go-Pro’s and Drones. Update the signs and I’ll update the contents in my brown bag. Also, stop asking to see what is in my brown bag.

3. Trash Talk

And everyone wonders where kids these days get their potty mouths. If I had a nickel every time I heard a parent say “What the (f-word) is in your brown bag?” or “You’re not a (f-word’ing) soldier!” I would be rich enough to treat the team to ice cream after every game this season.

4. That one time when Timmy Gleeson’s father went after me in the parking lot and ripped my REO Speedwagon 1979 North American Fall Tour t-shirt.

This was the first game I didn’t wear my camouflage and look what happened. If I was in my camouflage, he wouldn’t have even seen me. No one would have seen me.


5. Watching the boys have fun

6. Hootin’ & Hollerin’ when one of the little rascals hits a dinger!

7. The dog piles

8. Big League Chew

9. Watching calisthenics done both properly and responsibly

10. Whenever Timmy Gleeson is pitching