MAR. 15, 2012


A urologists group in Massachusetts is offering a free pizza with every vasectomy.

The new operation is going by the name “I Am Not Your Papa John’s”.


A study at Oxford University reveals that the blood-pressure drug propranolol, which is prescribed for angina and irregular heartbeats, can also dramatically curb racist thoughts.

Propranolol. Ask an Oriental nurse if it’s right for you.  


“American Idol” contestant Jermaine Jones is being kicked off of the show for failing to disclose details about his criminal past.

Although, as an “American Idol” contestant, they should be much more concerned about his criminal future.


A 29-year-old British man is being sentenced to three years in prison for keeping the body of his dead father at his house to collect the man’s benefits.

Dude, seriously? 29 years old and still living with your dad?


A village in India has decided to hold a mass wedding for all the young people in village, protecting them from a life of prostitution by arranging marriages for everyone under the age 18, at which point, they will never be asked for sex again.


18 year old pop sensation Justin Bieber has gotten himself yet another religious tattoo, this time depicting the face of Jesus Christ.

A decision that like Jesus himself, will come to haunt him in three days.


Gettysburg National Park has pulled the sale of Bobblehead dolls of John Wilkes Booth, the man who assassinated President Lincoln, from their shelves.

Also recently pulled from gift shops in Dallas was the “Tickle Me Oswald”.