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September 30, 2008


As with any cultural phenomenon proliferation equals inundation. Funny or Die is no exception. For every one Landlord there’s nine dozen Landlord 2: Curse of the Black Pearl: This Time it’s Personals. Given the sheer number of improv comedy troupe’s in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – at this point they must actually outnumber the populations of New York, Los Angeles and Chicago – alone it’s pretty tough to keep track of everything that finds its way on to this parcel of cyberspace. For proof here’s a list of Funny or Die videos I’m sure existed that I can no longer seem to find…


American Rye


No beer pong table or Alpha Phi is safe when Steve Stiffler and Holden Caulfield are paired as College roommates!


I’m Thinking Arby’s


In this take off on the Mel Gibson classic, after being struck in the head a guy learns what women really want, inexpensive roast beef sandwiches and loads of horsey sauce.


The Yes Man


In this Funny or Die exclusive Jim Carrey lends his celebrity as a guy whose life changes when he decides not to say no to anything. The paper thin premise makes for an ideal short, if it were even a minute longer the story would bore and bug the living fuck out of you.


…I’ve just been informed this is in fact the trailer for a feature length film. The good news for Carrey is that “the Number 23” will no longer be looked at as his career killer…


Fat Jesus: If I Could Walk on Water


In episode 1 Fat Jesus’ attempt to walk on water is thwarted when his girth immediately submerges him into the Dead Sea.


Fat Jesus: Loads of Loaves and Fishes


In episode 2 Fat Jesus magically multiplies the loaves and fishes and promptly gets into an eating contest with Kobayashi (special guest Dr. Ken.)


High-Five Honduras


This video was removed after intense, smoke-filled negotiations with a Central American militant group. Bad news, no trilogy. Good news, Jake’s back in the States.


Gassy Grandma


Hide the beans, Nana’s farting again! Of particular longing as I posted this one.


Scenes from the musical Chess


I think someone misguidedly posted these thinking a musical about chess was just a joke. It should be noted that this person is not nearly as misguided as the individual who decided to create a musical about chess.


Where the Girls Gone Wild Things Are


Little Max has finally met his match when he’s sent to a forest filled with topless, horny, drunk, bi-curious and moody girls. Joe Francis, fellow USC alum and close Will Ferrell friend, stars as Max.


Underoo Fools


It's hard enough shopping for underwear with your Mom when you're 8...imagine doing it when you're 38! And imagine your Mom is in fact a stately British actor in drag! And imagine she wants to yodel about the experience! Zach Braff, Jeremy Irons and Andy Samberg star in this SNL Digital Short.



5 Minutes in the Bathroom with Barry


Full time vagrant, part time philosopher Barry Bennett dispenses sage advice on life's little troubles from the center stall of the Riverside Dairy Queen's mens' restroom.