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November 07, 2009


My Mighty Sea Captain - part Deuce: Awards.

Best Pirate name

“My Mighty Sea Captain Phil McCavity” by ellesbelles.


Most Arbitrary and Piratey Moment:

“Somewhere a mangey dog howls.” By Christopher7 Murphy


Most Interesting Attackey Moment:

“Captain Plank-Spanker tosses the removed harpoon on the poop deck, takes a poop on the deck, then puts on his pajamas & begins a vicious, character-demeaning blog about Captain Snuggie. It is quickly picked up in the blogosphere, & linked by Gawker”  by Trident.


Most Redundant Redundancy That Is Also Funny:

“All the Pirates knew the lengendary legend of My Mighty Sea Captain McCavitys Famous eye patch.” by MadAdam


Best Rule Breaking:

“”No matter," Yolinda, my Mighty Seagull #1, said "I'm still going to let them sleep with the fishes until a sign is posted numerically” by buttermilk


Best Three Words:

“special purple locker” by buttermilk.


Most Attackey Attackey Moment:

“The slow sinking & doom of Plank-Spanker's plight began, even as Plank-Spanker crashed into the ocean, thinking about dick.” By Trident


Most I Don’t Even Know What This Is But I Like it Moment:

“From above, Artie "Interchangeable Vaguely Derogatory Nicknames Referring To His Small Stature But In A Loving Kind Of Way" laughs madly & begins to urinate from his balloon,” by Trident.


Best Overview Of the Situation So Far:

“"Well the idea is not quite fleshed out but it involves a court case, two seagulls, a Snuggy, Liberace drunk on Rothchild, poop, harpoons, Ferris Bueller, cybermaids with faceboobs impaled by lightsabers, drag queens with makeup, optic dissection, an International time clock, piss, fresh bread and pomegranates. Did you get that?"” by buttermilk.


Post Most Likely To Alarm Social Workers:

Placing the balloon deftly down onto the Wet Spots helicopter landing pad Artie was met with a 21 Blunderbuss salute. After a gentle hug from McCavity, he was dragged below decks and put back into his cage, where pirate children belong.” By MadAdam.


Best String Of Piratey Adjectives:

The scene in the mess hall was eery, creepy, slimey, nasty, filthy, disgusting and most foul”  by MadAdam.



Overall Winner:

MadAdam in the observatory, with the proctology exam.

(Yeah, again)