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October 22, 2008


So i 've had this idea for quite some time. i dont know if this has already been created, but it's something i'd love to see. soo.. we have "dawn of the dead" (scares me still) and we have "shaun of the head" (love it, it's hilarious) and i was thinking.. why not "juan of the dead" i am mexican.. or "hispanic" whatever they're calling it now, and i was looking outside my front window and well, my house is surronded by orchards, miles and miles of trees, and all the workers you could imagine.. well, when i looked out, i heard incoherent voices, and i could see bodies walking out of the trees.. now how creepy is that? although it was kinda funny, so why not do a film or short sketch.. of all the hard working men and women who are exposed to chemicals everyday of their lives, becoming sum form of mutated zombies? California's population has a large percentage of hispanics.. or whatever nationality.. (i'm NOT being racist) but just like the movie "a day without a mexican" if this entire culture where to suddenly mutate.. we'd be fucked.. well, i wouldnt.. :) and yes, i know if someone got offended.. i dont care.. it's just a thought. the salt of the earth suddenly rising and bloodthirsty bwahahahaha..