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January 03, 2010


NEW YEARS Resolution-
1 I will try not to make fun of girls who didn't know they were pregnant.
2 I will drink b
eer lower in Carbs
3 I will not go more than 500 miles past my oil change
4 I will plug my phone in more often so it's not dead all the time
5 I will dress each day like I might get murdered in that outfit
6 I will continue to fight the urge to drink coffee in excess
7 I will live each week like it's shark week -Tracy Morgan
8 I will try to not to piss everyone on FOD off all the time
9 I will only complain about living in Reno 6 times a day
10 I will try harder to pretend that the FOD caption photos are funny at all!
11 I will stop having temper tantrums when I loose at Monopoly
12 I will not start fights with the people who work at the teeth whitening Kiosks in the mall.

Wow that is a lot to ask of myself! I dont see how I will accomplish all these empty words...it would be like telling Michael J Fox to hold still. I think I need a coach and maybe a straight jacket! And the teeth whitening people...come on! They totally deserve all the heckling I give them. They're not even aware that what they are doing is wrong someone has to tell them! No I must fight the urge to verbally bitch slap stupid people! Maybe since I have 12 resolutions I can do 1 per month...I should move that low carb beer bullshit to #12! Happy New Year Everyone!