DEC 17, 2011


The Dutch government has said they're cracking down on the sale of marijuana and hasish in Amsterdam, despite the fact the selling of these has long led to the country's flourishing tourism. 

So I hope fraternity brothers like windmills and clogs! 


TIME magazine listed "The Protestor" as their Person of the Year, and if you can believe it, they weren't happy about that. 


A woman in Philadelphia, the wife of a doctor, was arrested for performing eight illegal abortions. 

Police were left speculating what a woman was doing outside of the kitchen. 

It turns out that she was only "amateur choice". 


Arizona Sheriff Joe Ariapo has been accused of violating the civil rights of Latino citizens and racially profiling those who are living in his state. 

Ariapo said he was just dreaming of a white Christmas. 


A new study suggests that people suffering from depression and loneliness could benefit from having a Facebook account. 

But if you've already made up your mind, get Friendster. 


A stalker of singer Shania Twain who had previously been issued a restraining order is now fighting in court to have it overturned. 

When the judge asked why, the accused said, "Man, I feel like a woman". 


New research suggests that listening to music can have certain medical benefits such as boosting your immune system or allowing your body to heal faster. 

As well, listening to Weezer will promote abstinence.