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March 04, 2012

I met a man who fell deeply in love with me while pretending to be a girl on Omegle. Read our story inside. It's like "The Notebook".




Recently I met my soul mate on Omegle while masquerading as a female One Direction fan. Well, actually I think I was his soul mate, but I was honestly not that into him. He wasn’t my type, and he couldn’t see through the fact I was actually an immature young man, orientation hetero. Otherwise, our story kind of reminded me of “The Notebook”. We were both “from” one of the Carolinas, and deeply passionate, eloquent speakers. Although our story features less rowboating.  But ladies, there is much to desire about this young man. Sometimes, he even corrects his own spelling mistakes. Not always but sometimes. And he knows CPR which will come in very handy when he takes your breath away. Unfortunately to prevent him from getting bombarded with requests for dates, I changed the personal contact info he gave me by one number. But if you are meant to be with him, you’ll find a way. Love always finds a way.