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April 29, 2016

GoT fans get ready for the big surprise of season 6!

Ever since the first season of Game Of Thrones, viewers have known that King Robert Baratheon spent a lot of time on the Iron Throne with the footrest up, eating snacks and even falling asleep in it from time to time. But that always happened off-screen.

Well after five seasons, that’s about to change! Photos have leaked from the next episode, and the rumors are true: the Iron Throne is going to recline!

GoT fans always knew this was coming. It’s not a secret that the Iron Throne is a recliner: it’s always known to be the only seat in Westeros that could lean back and extend a footrest, and therefore quite a prize.

But since the TV series and the books have never actually shown or addressed the infamous Lazy-Boy of King’s Landing, questions still remain, like:

– Is it comfortable as a recliner? Or does it recline back, like, too much?

– Was the throne originally forged as a recliner, or was the reclining function added later in its history?

– How hard is it to vacuum around?

– Are the gears that extend the footrest also made of swords?

– Has anyone ever made out in the recliner?

The next episode might not give us answers. But with the show still early in season six, it’s safe to say that we’re gonna be seeing a lot more of the King kicking back and reclining on the Iron Throne.