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December 21, 2015

Your invite must've gotten lost in the mail, Alvin and Chipmunk friends? Sorry.

Sorry to Alvin And The Chipmunks 4: Road Chip, but it looks like Star Wars not only beat you in the box offices but also got a hot invite to the White House. It looked pretty fun, to be honest. But not too much fun, Alvin. Like, whatever you guys were doing was probably cool too? Unless you were hanging out with Trump or someone not even exciting like George Pataki. I’m sure also the stromtroopers had something going on internally that made them not like really really enjoy the trip.

Oo! These stormtroopers look almost lovely against these snowflakes! How delightful! See, Alvin, you guys are honestly so small if you were in this room where everyone is staring up at the ceiling while they walked, you’d be in huge danger. You would have hated the White House.

This one is fun! Look at those little troopers up there addressing the media! And hello Mister R2D2! God this is great. But don’t worry Chipmunk Crew, they probably had to announce something not-fun and boring. They aren’t having a real blast, just a pretend blast. Ah who are we kidding. This is fantastic and the best part of living in a consumerist society!! Suck it, Alvin!