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October 26, 2008


When Adam asked if we’d like to blog here our first thought was that we may not be “hep” enough. You see...we’re immature, but we’re not young.  We’ve been doing sketch comedy since 1981.  In fact, we go back far enough to have a letter (which was a form of communication in those days) from the head of MTV saying he didn’t know if sketch comedy would work on his network.  But we digress.
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The point is it’s a bit hard to know if we can connect.  And not because you may have never read ‘The Dharma Bums’ or cleaned your pot with a double album or seen Supertramp live in 1975.  No...it’s because young people today seem positive and optimistic...and we’re usually neither.

One of the enviable characteristics of many politically active college kids is that they believe Republicans can be reasoned with.  We, on the other hand, tend to view Republicans the way Sonny Corleone viewed the Tatalia family.

For us, if you have a McCain/Palin yard sign out front you are by definition an asshole.  If you truly believe that Sarah Palin is qualified to be President then it is you, not us, that hates America.  If you feel that on many occasions Sean Hannity has made a valid point our only valid response is “go fuck yourself”.

Yet all is not anger with us.  We’ve been voting in Democratic primaries since 1980, and this is the first time that the candidate we voted for has won the nomination.  Granted, Obama does not share all our platform.  He is not a Confucian-Druid-Nietzscheian-Pan worshipper who wants to legalize drugs and prostitution, tax all houses o’ worship, bulldoze K Street and sow the ground with salt.  To govern is to choose.

But Barack Obama is an extremely learned and decent man. So naturally the Republicans portray him as a cross between Stalin and Blackula and the ever-enabling media choose to report the campaign in their corporately owned “on the one hand on the other hand” style.  (e.g.- Wolf Blitzer on CNN asking an Obama advisor “Can you assure the American public that Barack Obama is not a socialist?”.) No doubt we missed the interview where Wolf asked the McCain advisor “With your candidate’s virulent cancer history, can you assure the American public he won’t break William Henry Harrison’s record for fastest death in office?”.

In any event, it should be an exciting week ahead.  McCain might even be forced to go negative!  Being Slovak, and growing up hearing the inspiring phrase “don’t laugh or tomorrow you’ll be crying”, we tend to shy away from enthusiasm.  Suffice it to say that Barack is ahead in the polls...and all it took was the semi-destruction of the Gulf Coast, financial Armageddon, and seven years of the Executive Branch wiping its ass with the Constitution. Still...that William Ayers...he’s a bad seed.

Anyway...hope you’ll check back here all week...and maybe...just maybe...you can teach us to love.