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June 23, 2010


Toilet paper playboy, musician and former rabbi, Bill Zucker will have a rude awakening today when he reads our 'World Exclusive Headline’ that a young woman claims to be the daughter Zucker never knew he had. We can exclusively confirm that we have seen the birth certificate ourselves, and it clearly states William C. Zucker as father.

The young blonde teenager is Miley Selena Gleebag-Cornell and until now everybody has assumed that her father was Spanish Rockstar Javier Julio Gleebag Cortez, who her mother the Hollywood actress Lydia Cornell had been dating after her much publicised split from Zucker some sixteen years ago. Cornell had been furious at the time, because Zucker had been arrested for jaywalking just a few hundred yards from the Apartment that they shared. He had claimed that he had been running away from a group of Swedish girls who had wanted his autograph – but it was later proved in Court that it was a bunch of drag queens who had simply asked him for directions.

No stranger to controversy herself, Miley Zucker is a close friend of fellow Hollywood brat-packer Lindsay Lohan and went to the same kindergarten as Demi Lovato. She was rumoured to have dated actor Corben Bleu for a few months until he left to reprise his movie role for High School Musical 25 which was being filmed in Europe.

In February last year, Miley was arrested and then later released without charge for an incident at the Playboy Mansion. She had become very angry when Hugh Hefner wouldn’t let her blow out the candles on his birthday cake and later retaliated by causing $50,000 worth of damage when she had deliberately set off the water sprinkler system by lighting a cigarette and holding it up to a smoke detector. Miley had told the Police that is had been Lohan’s idea as well, because she also had been upset with Heffner. He wouldn’t let her undress and jump into this pool and play with his ‘Twins’. But by the time the Police had arrived, Lohan had already fled the scene but was caught up in an car incident on her way home.

Although this is the first time that a child has come forward, there have been many occasions when women have alleged that Zucker had fathered their children. The long list included Madonna, Whitney Houston, Kelly Le Brock and Cyndie Lauper, Denise Richards, Shannon Lee Tweed and more recently Whitney Perry and Megan Fox.

Miley clearly has her mother's stunning blonde hair and smile but gets her eyes (and trademark shades) from her superstar father so there is no doubt in our minds that Zucker is the Baby Daddy.

Zucker is currently appearing with actor Kelsey Grammer who shot to fame in the 1980 miniseries ‘Shogan, in The Kelsey Grammer and Bill Zucker Comedy Hour.

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