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May 21, 2013

A man in the news recently is condemned for getting a hooker while on his honeymoon.

The Cost Of Crack

By King Christopher


Recently in the news there was man busted in a large sting operation for getting a hooker, while he was on his honeymoon. Out of the 40 people arrested, the man who was on his honeymoon is the one to make national headlines. The media uses sex as it's main format just like anyone else in entertainment, for big stories and such but lets stop and ask, is this really news worthy? A john on his honeymoon? The consequences for men who cheat are more severe when they get caught.


Movies: In the movie (Along Came Polly) where Ben Stiller catches his wife having sex with the scuba guy but it's considered a comedy when a woman cheats during the honeymoon. And if it's not a comedy when the woman cheats, it's a love story.


Cops: Police usually spend most of their time targeting prostitutes on the street, taking advantage of them because they know they can do what they want to her. Who's she going to run to since she's breaking the law?



Who Cheats More? Women can cheat when they want and with whoever they want. So the playing field isn't level. Plus no cop is ever going to arrest a woman, even if she did pay for sex. All a woman has to say to get off the hook, is that he was a bad husband, she wasn't getting what she needed out of the relationship or It's condition where she's addicted to sex.


The main reason this story made national headlines is because the crime of cheating was done against a woman. The man is guilty of wanting to have sex, no doubt but the only thing that the media/news did was ruin some guys life. Before they ran the story they should have found out if he was on a sexless honeymoon!