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July 28, 2014

A true story about a female office manager who had sex with a male co-worker. By King Christopher (radio host)

She Wants More Meat In Her Taco
By King Christopher

The story I'am about to tell is true. It took place in a office-work environment and serves as a good reminder, not to sleep with any fat chicks who gossip. It involves a fat woman who had sex with a male co-worker. This is what she had to say about their sexual encounter

FatChick:I slept with Todd, the only problem was is had had a really small penis, shaped like a shrimp! He’s a great guy and everything but I want a bunch of meat in my taco!”

The only thing that was accomplished in this situation, is now everyone in the entire office knows about Todd’s penis. So beware of fat women with a big mouth, unless you have enough meat for her big Taco!