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February 22, 2009


Day 4 of the feature went well. 

It was the first day to shoot with Chris and Peter, and it turns out they may be able to act better than us.
Well, Peter was a bit more difficult since he is a character himself, and getting him to act like someone else is totally difficult.

Either way, 8 hours of capturing and editing later... the scene looks great.

I'm editing the video as we go, that way I'll have a rough cut of the entire movie by the time we're almost done.  And since we're shooting on video, why the fuck not edit as we go?  It makes it so much easier to pick and choose the things that need to be redone, or get any pick up shots we missed.  Luckily we haven't had to have a reshoot of anything YET! Fuck yeah, we're awesome.

On Thurs. Feb 26 we'll be doing a new short that will be a series in itself, a sort of running joke I'd say.  Once we get started on that we'll have something almost weekly to release for a few weeks, or until we get bored of it and come up with something new.

Thanks for watching our videos.  You're awesome.  We do it for you.