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I'm 10 months sober now so I started to go out and observe people that adore getting hammered. I'm sure I'll write more about this phenomena.

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May 14, 2012

What happens when you're not sober and you go out, AND what happens when you're sober and you go out... backwards world.

I've noticed there are some weird scenarios that play out, when you go to a bar and/or club sober, and when you go out when you're not sober. Typically, when you go out and you're drinking, tossin back a few cold ones, a lot of people will say to you "BRO, bro, dude buy us some shots BRO!" (the booze REALLY brings out the "bro" in guys). The shots come, down the hatch, and you're on to the next round of jealousy juice. When you're drinking, people rarely offer to buy you a shot or a beer (atleast where I'm from) so you might be pressured into buying multiple people drinks, and there's no one returning the favor. When you're sober, its the exact opposite. Going out, drinking water, everyone will attempt to buy you booze! Its people saying "Hey this guy is going to wake up feeling great, AND I DON'T WANT THAT TO HAPPEN." I honestly do not understand why this happens. Another thing I noticed, alcohol always makes people angry... that's just science, ask Bill Nye. So when you're out, sober, and with all of your drunk buddies, one of them will act like you're crazy for not getting mad when someone steps on your shoe or accidently bumps into you or some shit. Apparently, alcohol makes every dude an MMA fighter, a REALLY SHITTY IDIOTIC MMA FIGHTER. Nothing is funnier than being sober and seeing two dudes rip their shirts off in the middle of the street to fight when its like 40 degrees outside. Just some observations.