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January 19, 2011

The Untold and Scandalous story of Major League Baseball's all time "holds" leader

This is the untold but true story of Major League Baseball’s all time “holds” leader Arthur Rhodes. This story will take you into the life and story behind one of the most interesting icons that nobody knows or wants to know about. Graphic at times and whimsical at others his life rivals the pits of the holocaust and the ecstasy of a boy’s first conscious orgasm. Years of research and Christopher McCandless-esqe soul searching has led me to this segment on the trials and troubles of Arthur “Black Licorice” Rhodes. Some may say this is coming too soon but I can’t find a better time than when Arthur is on the verge of his first ever all star appearance. The ballad starts 39 years ago when a crazy string of events paved the rest of our lives….

First let me tell you a little something about myself and how I have grown to know Mr. Rhodes. Born and raised in Waco Texas I grew up playing baseball with Arthur on our local traveling team. I was his neighbor and the youngest child in a family of three. My dad owned a local car lot and my mother put her energy into keeping the house clean. At face value we were a normal family and Arthur and I were normal friends. But the semen of deceit runs deep into the pores on this face. Arthur joined our family on his 15th birthday following a car accident that killed both of his parents. We were the closest thing he had to a family and my father questionably decided having a parent less black child may help the business. A year went by and things were going fine, Arthur and I lived and died on that baseball field. Every night we would look up at the stars talking about dreams to play in the Major Leagues someday, at that point in our lives we believed anything was possible. It is amazing to look back at the teenage years and realize that 40 years down the line we would look at those stars thinking something completely different. It seemed almost overnight when I saw the first transformation in Arthur which eventually would rub off on me and lead to some of the most sinister times of my life. It was the day after his 16th birthday and I walked in on Arthur taking my mother from behind like a Gremlin drilling for oil, this was the first time I had ever seen a black penis and with the help of Arthur it certainly wasn’t the last. At this point I knew my life would change forever. I could see the confusion in Arthur’s burning eyes as we didn’t look away from each other for the final 20 minutes of their fuck session. Drowning out my mother’s moaning and Arthur’s road runner like hand maneuvers I felt like I could hear Arthur’s mind rattling and moving like the inside of a clock while the alarm was going off. It was as if it were a ticking time bomb that had just exploded. A numbness was running over my body as he finally removed himself from my whimpering mom. I felt as though I was looking at Arthur for the first time…..