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"A lot can happen in six months." That's what I was told when I was interviewed for a six month contract job.

I felt like my life had become a novel, and he (the interviewer) was foreshadowing that my next six months are going to take me on a wild adventure.

And so far, they have.

I've learned a lot in the last three months, and I feel like I'll learn even more in the next three. Let me share with you all my new found knowledge.

I'm in the process of looking for a new apartment, and I've discovered I'm somewhat picky. Is too much to ask for a two bedroom apartment with a big bathroom, balcony and a butler? I call that the three Bs of Jackie's needs.

I've also learned what sorts of questions need to be asked.
"Do you allow pets?"
"Do you have any history with mold?"
"Do you want to be friends?"

I'm also in the process of working on a play, and it can be very difficult to get together with my writing partner due to over crowded schedules. What I've learned? Relax, have one to eleven glasses of wine, and be patient. Writing shouldn't be about getting a product out on a time frame, it should be creating a project on your own time, honing it, and busting it out
when the time is right. Just like Janet Jackson's boob. 2004, anyone?

Lastly, I got that contract job, but due to the unpredictable nature of being hired permanently after contract is over, I kept my part time job too. I've learned how much I miss boredom and sleep, but how much I like having enough money for groceries. I can even buy ice cream like a boss! I've even learned about stress acne, and the moose foundation that blankets them in sweet, sweet skin coloured goop.

I think that the next three months hold a lot of suprises for me. Here are my top five predictions:

1 Moving out into an adequate apartment for my budget. Which, unfortunately, means no live-in butler.

2 Getting back to writing that play, and who knows, maybe even finishing it! Then shooting fieworks in my room to celebrate the occasion. Then realising that shooting fireworks in an enclosed area is a big mistake. I know it seems like I already know that since I'm writing it here, but I know I'm going to get caught up in the moment. It's as inevitable as
accidentally napping at work and drooling all over yourself.

3 I'm going to get a proper hair cut, or hey, how about I just learn how to do it myself and not make it look even worse than it aleady is. Ever hear of youtube tutorials? Yeah, that place has everything, and I'm sure it could teach you how to properly cut your own hair. Seriously, you look like your grade two school picture with the uneven bangs and doofy triangle hair.

4 I'm going to finally learn how to train my dragon. And by 'dragon', I mean cat. And by 'train', I mean I'm going to teach her to not barf on my curtains.

5 I'm going finally start my wizard rock band, and the world will thank me. You're welcome in advance.


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