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January 04, 2016

Brent Weinbach presents the shot-for-shot remake of Annie Lennox's 1992 hit music video "Why."

When Eurythmics legend Annie Lennox recorded her solo hit “Why” in 1992, she perhaps had no idea that the chain of events she set into motion would bring us to this day.

First came the breakout success of the single “Why” and the acclaim for her first solo album “Diva.”

Next, America would be treated to a stunning music video directed by Sophie Muller portraying Lennox preparing for the album’s cover photo:

In the years that followed, anticipation for a shot-for-shot remake of the music video have swelled to a deafening fervor. When will it happen?! Who will be the video’s captivating subject?! What internet comedy site will host such a bold attempt at recapturing perfection?!

Thankfully, our collective anticipation is alleviated today.

Ladies and gentlemen, the Annie Lennox tribute you’ve always craved… Brent Weinbach’s “Why”:

Why? Because.