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June 25, 2015

Nickelback was forced to cancel their tour because their lead singer Chad Kroeger needs vocal chord surgery. One brave doctor defends why it had to happen, though it isn't clear how many people care.

Canadian rock band Nickelback had to cancel the remainder of their North American tour, No Fixed Address, due to lead singer Chad Kroeger’s urgent need for vocal chord surgery. Kroeger is scheduled to undergo surgery to remove a cyst on his voice box. His doctors have recommended that he then remain on vocal rest until the European leg of the tour begins at the end of the September.

The band released this video on their twitter page explaining the cancellation.

Along with the band’s video, the doctor who will be performing Kroeger’s surgery released a statement of his own, explaining Kroeger’s need for the procedure and empathizing with all of the upset fans.

Dear Fellow North American Rockers and Fans of Nickelback,

By now I am sure you’ve heard the news that due to Chad Kroeger’s need for vocal chord surgery, the remainder of the North American Nickelback tour has been cancelled. I know that from the moment you learned they would be playing at a venue near you to when you purchased the tickets,everything else in your life, all the surgeries you’ve performed, have just been filler leading up to scream-singing along with Kroeger to “Edge of Revolution” and hopefully, my god hopefully, “Photograph.”

I know this not because a single person has expressed their anguish to me, but because I feel that way, too. I assume everyone else is quieted by their own immense disappointment.

Please know that I am as crushed by this decision as you are. I understand you are not expressing your despondency, which I assume is because you are upset beyond words. Please know that it pains me to see the entire row of tickets I bought just for myself to fully rock out in, has to now go to waste. Every Nickelback concert I’ve ever attended has had so many empty seats to groove to their sweet music, and that is what I just love about the band. They know what their true fans want and that is to not be able to relate to a lot of people about their taste in music.

When I became a doctor I took an oath to serve the sick and “take care that they suffer no hurt or damage.” You may not understand that as a civilian, but as a soldier of health, it is my duty. Before you stop reading this, not because you cannot relate to the sentiment, but because it is too hard to bear the reality that Nickelback will not be playing a show for you,please let me further explain why I had to pull Kroeger from the tour.

I took another oath. As a fan of the world’s greatest rock band. I vowed to live my life always asking myself, “How can I help Chad Kroeger? How can I serve Ryan Peake? When Mike Kroeger is suffering what can I do to aid him? If I see Daniel Adair is thirsty, how much water can I bring him and how quickly can I do so?” It is my calling to recover Chad Kroeger’s voice so that he can continue to sing for the dozens of fans out there, all across the world.

Blame me all you want for my recommendation that Kroeger cancel the rest of the tour, but know that not one of you is more upset about this than I am.

Dr. Gerald Harris, a fan.