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January 19, 2009


I had planned on writing a little something about how disgusting people are who clip their nails on buses/subway etc...and I still think that they are gross people and should be spat on (quite frankly), but I have become distracted by my work clone. The girl is WHACK! I am not exactly a picnic in the meadow photographing Bambi's mom (before she got shot), either...but my degree of WHACK so pales in comparison to this bucket of crazy. She's dating my former work spouse (and I say "former" because she's so possessive that he barely even speaks to me any more), and because I tolerate her and make nice she feels compelled to come and "share" many things with me that pretty much any other person on earth...and this INCLUDES Courtney Love would consider to be taboo. A happily married co-worker of ours was taking a break and happened to be sitting next to the boyfriend when Whack job came in and all the married person said JOKINGLY was "Will your girlfriend be angry that you're sitting with me? Should I move?" And, the girl went BEYOND. She confided to me that she thought that was the "STUPIDIST" thing to say and apparantly, this wasn't the FIRST TIME married girl has made an "uncool remark". For the first time, I really understand why men hit women. I want to hit her. I can't even imagine dating her. Part of me wants to start a campaign to free him and the other part of me kind of thinks that if he is chosing to lay with her he will get whatever comes with that. How do you pull someone aside and say "RUN! Run now! Run fast! Run wide! Just run!" Without putting yourself directly into the path of the unbalanced fury??