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December 29, 2011

People that elect, from free choice, to talk like an absolute retard. Fk da fkn h8rz n fk al dey stnd 4.

Why I Hate: PpL dAT tAlk Lyk DiZzz

I often stop and think about life, not life as a whole- what with death and destruction and all, no I think about the important issues facing our world today for example on a scale of one to Karl Stefanovic how retarded are some people.


I would not call myself a literary genius and although many have, I would simply say that I am just a guy trying to make his way in the world and unfortunately a whole lot of douches make the path to tranquility a fucking shit one to walk.

One such area of these people are those that have the insatiable desire to spit in the face of grammar and insist on making the once great English language a mockery - I talk of course of those who tLk Lik DizZ.
It draws my hate for it is someone that is making a conscientious effort to go against the normalities of english. I lay awake a night perplexed by the questions that arise from such an unnatural habit, do they actually go spastic on their shift key whilst typing? Is there some degree of methodology to the spacing of upper to lower case letters? and Why the fuck to I have dizzz person as a friend?

I have come to the obvious conclusion that all of the people who chose to communicate in this fashion are all own and use vehicle similar to this:

I have also come to the realisation that they are much cooler than I could ever dream of being and that their cars are in no way a compensation for their obvious hole in their brain. I believe that it is no ones fault that they are dumb, it's like having red hair, just the unfortunate lottery of life. I do however believe that it is ones fault when they assume that their intellectual struggles can be in some way compensated via their level of douchebaggery explicitly highlighted in their implementation of txt speak.

Do you really save that much time, is autotext really all that hard to use. Will you really ever be better off by replacing words, often with the same number of letters to make you look cool?

For the purpose of education here is a small list of what I would call the most common dumbass abbreviations:
this - dis/diz
them- dem
you (pl)- use/youze
like- lyk
cousin/anyone- cuz
anyone- bro

And take note that any or all of these can be enhanced via a swift move onto the shift key.

So why do I hate people who talk in this way, because I respect the language that we speak and that we write. 10-13 years of school so you can write like a complete retard is just so irritating. They have created a language barrier between people that speak the same tongue but you know what in the long run it is probably better that I have no clue what they are saying because if I really knew I would probably just hang myself.

And that is Why I Hate.