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May 26, 2010


Well we are finally winding down our basketball season this weekend. Our little "Tobacco Road" basketball team is playing in the big city at the Ontario Provincial Basketball Championships. We are ranked ninth in Division 5 as a U17 team and end up playing three Toronto area teams in the preliminaries. (What's with that?) Country mouse, meets City Mouse?

We hope to teach them "city slickers" a little "country basketball". I believe this is the most talented team I've coached. We have one player who came up here from New Jersey, two from a bigger centre nearby, as well as our core group of pretty decent small town ballers.

We've had many adventures along the way, including a fund raiser Golf Tournament this weekend that brought us in $1200 to help cover our Ontario Cup expenses. Four of our boys ended up tearing up the course in their golf carts which, of course,  cost them their share of the money. 

BTW -My foursome shot a "five under" in the Scramble. We picked up one of our former players who is a scratch golfer and may be scholarship bound stateside. Hey, I made a few good shots, too.

I've decided this is my last season sitting in the head coach's chair. We've won five Provincia Medals in the past ten years. Not bad for an area known for tobacco growing and  rednecks. And, the boy wants to try out for a higher level team next season. He's been invited to an invitation only Elite High School Basketball Camp this coming July. I think he's ready to take that next step.

BTW #2- My youngest, is extremely busy this time of year. He not only is our point guard, he is also playing Rep Baseball in the nearly 100 year old Inter County Baseball League and he is attending spring football practice at his high school and is being groomed as the the new quarterback for the 2010 season. His sporting life is 24/7 -practices every day, sometimes two.

Anyway, I hope to be back here more often next week. Have a great weekend, my friends.