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March 17, 2017

Donald Trump lies because it's in his job description.

I have a question for all you right wing fanatics out there, you know, the kind who if Trump went down to a grocery store and held it up at gunpoint….you’d say it’s okay. Or ignore it.

Oh, I know what you’d say, the classic Two Wrongs Make a Right Smokescreen Dodge.

You’d say, “Hillary (or Obama) did it too” (held up a store at gunpoint).

I’ve heard this excuse so many times I’ve lost count. However, this is not a political philosophy right versus left issue….but one of simple ethics. Let me ask another question. If you are a right winger and this can apply to those who consider themselves to be liberals too. Have you ever once, just once, criticized an elected representative of your own party? For anything? Just once?

Don’t lie. It’s a “yes” or “no” answer and don’t give me the bullsh’t (alternative fact), “Well the other guys (opposition party) do it too.”

If the answer is no, and we know with many of you it is, you are not only not a good citizen always complaining about how government hasn’t properly represented you, but never calling members of your own party on their wrongdoing.

Perhaps you agree with wrongdoing and call it righteousness.

I personally believe you should be more critical of your own party because according to you they represent you and they should stand for what’s right. Right?

Are you a small part of a vast conspiracy now led by Trump to legitimize and institutionalize lying as part of the job of the presidency?

Now Don, I won’t call you Donald, because that’s the name of a duck, and I won’t call you “The Donald,” because Easter is coming and New Mexico Governor Lew Wallace titled his book “Ben-Hur, A Tale of the Christ.”

The Donald? The Christ?

Are you comparing yourself to Christ Don?

On that note before we start we all remember that Don went before a group of veterans who had won the Congressional Medal of Honor our nation’s highest military decoration (you often have to die to win one), and told them, “You know, I’m brave too.”

If Jesus came into a room and Trump was there he would walk over to Christ and say, “I heard about you and that cross gig…you know….I’ve suffered too.”

Where was I?

Oh yes, the president lying and it’s okay with you (the Trump fanatic).

After all, Democrats lie too don’t they? So it’s okay. You don’t hold your own party to a higher standard of conduct and the reason you don’t is you want to believe……..you have to believe in whatever……Trump will make me happy………Trump will make me rich……..Trump will turn America back into 1958 when blacks and women knew their place.

Now Don, you said your inauguration had one of the biggest crowds in history and that was a lie (aerial photos clearly showed otherwise). You call it an alternative fact. I call it “Bullshi.’t.” That’s okay with your supporters.

Stop lying Don.

What about a president who lies by telling lies and then lies that he doesn’t lie. One way is to make accusing statements without supporting evidence. If for example I called you a child molester and I didn’t have any evidence to back it up, you wouldn’t like it.

Don said during the campaign that if he shot somebody with a pistol you’d still vote for him? Is this literally true?

Maybe it is in your case.

But it lacks facts, so at best it’s conjecture, at worst it’s a lie. Don’t lie Don.

Oh I know Obama said a similar thing that if he chopped your head off with an axe, you’d still vote for him. So that makes it all okay.

I’ve never been a Democrat by the way.

I’m just a person who values truth.

Trump attempts to mask lies by saying things like, “I didn’t mean literally if I shot someone, just figuratively.”

This form of lying, by inference or symbolic-figure-of-speech, he did again last week when his mouthpiece (Spicer) said Trump didn’t “literally” mean Obama had wiretapped his ivory tower headquarters during the election. He just meant that Obama had done other nefarious snooping things (Spicer as always didn’t specify exactly what).

It may turn out that Obama did something. That’s not the point here.

This is a new technique of lying. It’s akin to what Reagan once called “Plausible deniability” (don’t tell me how you carry out my illegal assignment so I can lie I didn’t know anything about it).

You leave yourself an opening to retreat if the public outrage over a bald-faced lie pins you down. Thus, you say, “I didn’t mean that in the real sense, I just meant it in general terms.”

It’s still “Bullsh.t.”

Don, you are the first president in U.S. History who believes using a lie to attack perceived enemies and to further your cause is not just an occasional isolated tactical way to get something you want. You believe it to be a continuing standard-operating-procedure part of the job itself, as routine as sharpening a pencil at your desk.

This has never happened before in the office. Earlier liars, Nixon, Johnson, Clinton, resorted to lying only when they felt they had to. You Don! You lie as a matter of basic job skills. To deflect attention from the uncomfortable, to damage opponents (Nixon did this one), to further the image you are decisive and for other reasons.

You gave it away years ago Don when you said in a Freudian slip, something like, “If I didn’t stand up to (bully) people, they would mock me.”

I think you lie Don because you’re afraid not to.

That must be the truth, isn’t it Don?

Don’t lie Don. It will be the ruin of you.