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April 07, 2008


anybody know what song this blog's title is from? i'd be surprised if anyone does, sadly, no one but me seems to own the record. oh well, my musical taste is just better than yours...or different, whatever. so the chamber just got much less sonsory deprative (is that even a word?). one of the guys who runs another shop in the hallway is constantly coming in to talk to me about music and basketball. i'm always shocked that his basketball knowlege exceeds my own because...well, it's hard to believe anyone with doll hair knows more about anything. to be blunt he has hairplugs...brand new ones...that he's really proud of. it's really hard not to stare. now i understand why he got them...he has an awesome 'frankenstein's monster' scar from an accident he had in the army that he wants to cover up. personally i'd rather go outside with a bigass scar than looking like i just scalped barbie for a toupee, but that's just me. i've always believed that chicks dig scars. that's why i've kept all mine below the belt, makes every girl (or boy) who has seen me naked feel special, like i'm letting them in on a secret, when really i just wanted to get laid and that's much easier if both parties involved are nude. i try not to tell the stories behind the scars unless i actually like the person because once you get into the stories they think you wanna connect on a deeper level, or be together...you get the idea...but my true purpose is just to get another blowjob. but as much as i love blowjobs, it's not worth the headache (ha! head ache).

random tangent...i'm totally stoked that battlestar galactica is back and doctor who will be returning (next?) friday. i'm not a huge tv person (though recently that has changed a bit) but these two shows are works of art for totally different reasons. BSG is the best thing on tv plain and simlpe. it is politically and socially relevant without dating itself. it's so much better than the original that they can be compared in name only, and it's wildly entertaining. doctor who is fantastic, silly fun, with some really wonderful (sometimes biting) things to say about the human condition. plus it takes me back to being 6 years old and sitting in my living room watching old tom baker episodes of the doctor from the 60s. classic shit. ummm, i need to pay attention to my pancakes before all the syrup soaks in...i hate that.