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February 06, 2009


So, I woke up this morning around 7.35am to what I thought was really hard rain. I lay there, in my bed thinking, "Jesus, its raining really hard!" So I lay there a bit longer and then I thought, "Hang on, that's not coming from outside......" and I shot out of bed to find the source of heavily running water.

My radiator had exploded!

Water was flying out if it so hard that it had soaked my bedroom carpet and the house started crying. Mainly in my front room, all over my carpet and sofa. So, in blind panic and everything, I grab all the towels in my house and shove them under the running water, (I then see that there is a split in the bottom of my radiator where the water is coming out) but the towels get instantly soaked. I leg it round the house looking for a way to stop the water, yanking out the dishwasher (again, but not breaking it like Rach did........see exploding toilet incident post) but that didn't work.

My heart was in my mouth, as the water dripping through the ceiling started getting heavier. Then Rach woke up and helped out by grabbing more towels, and then she said "The other tap on the radiator! Turn it off!" So I did. That stopped the running water. If only I had thought of that 15 minutes previously! So, I am now sitting in my front room, which is still crying, waiting for the contractor my insurance company are kindly sending round.
I'm just wondering if things could possibly get any worse for me? This house seems to be falling apart, like in the Tom Hanks, Shelly Long film The Money Pit.