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April 03, 2008


this will be short.

i've just realized that FOD has a slightly dark underbelly of sniping and petty retalliation and other such stupidity. yeah, that sounds naive, everything has something evil lurking inside. but, are there really enough people here taking themselves THAT seriously and they must resort to childish behaviors usually reserved for politicians? so if you ever think of vote bombing someone because they said something shitty about your work. remember this. they don't really matter. nope, shut up, they don't matter. i'm probably preaching to the choir here, so instead of that do this. if you see something that makes you feel "wrong" inside it probably is, so figure out why and let your voice be heard. and i don't mean bad parodies or sexist humor, i mean like cesorship and vote bombing and other uneccessary bullshit. we're not stupid people, we jst like to pretend sometimes because it can be really funny. let's not let the joke get out of hand. we're all just clowns anyway.

on a lighter note...

stephen colbert won a peabody and has made downloadable stickers proclaiming this fact that he has decreed shall be placed upon as many bags of doritos (his sponsor) as we (his faithful colbert nation) can get our grubby little hands on. but his guest challenged us to come up with something better. i got nothing so far (not enough booze/weed). anybody else got an idea?

ok, not so short.