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The beauty of peace on Hanoi’s riverside dykes
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Published August 13, 2011
Looking for peace on Hanoi’s riverbanks People who love Hanoi find it increasingly difficult to find time to wander the capital’s riverside dykes. In the mind of any one who lives nearby a river often remains images of earth embankments that snake along the riverside. While dykes primarily function to prevent flooding, they also act as a bridge connecting people of different localities. For years, such dykes have connected the peaceful villages along the banks of the Red River. However, the bustle of modern life lends people little time to slow down and experience the scenery along these dyke. Yet there is still a place on the left bank of the Red River where we can find a peaceful and slow-moving life blanketed in the fading light of the sunset. Approaching rain on the left bank of the Red River A woman gathering farm produce during a storm A dyke supervising station makes a good shelter in hot days Construction projects are overwhelming several rice fields A road cooled by green trees in Trang Viet-Me Linh The dyke acts as an ideal playground for rural children Ba Vi Mountain in the distance Farmers returning home Halong bay cruise*Vietnam tours*Vietnam trip package A bluish purple sky Rice fields adorned by lotus ponds Weeds help prevent erosion A market opens on the dyke in the afternoon