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September 21, 2008


Computer:  "Error:  Something Bad Happened" 


Do any of you get this computer error…or does the program I use think it's that damn special and funny?  Well, it is, because I laugh every time - in its box-y face and I say 'You don't scare me, lame ass error message!'  I fix it, sometimes in ways I'm not completely sure of, but nevertheless, I resolve it, say 'YAY!' (clap, clap!) and relish the fakeness of my PC genius ;-)


Where does this silliness lead? ...Well, I was a'thinkin' … Sometimes, life gives us 'Something Bad Happened' error messages, out of the blue, maybe right when you're in the middle of something productive or even beautiful.  And sometimes…like a certain person (me), in real life we don't laugh and well, we DO get scared.  It's like that message crawls into our soul and we become this frozen glitch-infected screen of a human. 


BUT THEN - someone (or something or a piece of ourselves) comes along and slaps us blessedly back to life!  The focus returns, fixation begins, the error is conquered, and we're back to our silly lives of fun and games J  I have learned, as I'm sure many of you have many times over, that life never ends in its tossing of 'something bad' to us - or even pummeling us with it at moments - and certain things at first might appear scary and zone us out.  But I have learned also, that these certain things are only truly scary if we keep them inside ourselves, hold them, sit on them and rotate (hehe), or let them osmos/dance with our brain matter.  When we extract them, surgically if we must, the scary melts/rots away and a piece of strength replaces it … and never leaves. J


So, MPG is getting fixed (not spayed, sorry, although Marmie is soon to be and of course is cursing me from across the room but hey…she's late with her half of the rent) … and I feel every one of you beautiful crazy weirdo geniuses with me J


Now, go fix yourselves!  Or at least the clogged toilets at Space Hospital (I am concerned about what some of the patients have been eating…and I might have been the cause…sorry).  I am off to pick up my SH staff badge … I was told it would be ready in less than 20 minutes or I would get a free pizza.