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June 25, 2014

A list of the top 12 things that make me laugh while walking down Hollywood Blvd.

Working Relationships in Hollywood: Top 12 things I LOL’d on the Boulevard

Each day, I am privileged to witness very strange relationships in Hollywood– oh LA, LA, land! Reviewing this list it is no wonder why I have so many online dating stories and remain single in the land of the stars. I am always surprised or maybe humorously entertained watching the people up and down the Boulevard. With these kinds of observations wouldn’t you want to live here? Or at least stay for a while? Promise you will never be bored and probably remain single as well. Let’s take a look at the top 12 snarky, funny things I was lucky enough to witness on Hollywood Boulevard last week.

  • A little girl sitting on the KISS star on the walk of fame to take a picture. Do those parents know what is on Hollywood Blvd? They are probably better off not knowing and not reproducing ever again.
  • A Japanese couple getting super excited over a specific star on the walk. Which one you ask? Kevin Kline of course. Who?
  • Another couple getting even more excited about Nathan Lane! Birdcage anyone?
  • Pee pee pad for a dog in an office with 6 people who I am sure do not all share custody of that little white dog. That’s a nice neighbor. I heard of cat pee but come on! Dogs go outside!
  • An employee with a little white dog telling me about an elaborate shirt he made for his pup out of old yoga pants to offer the pup some security. Puppy looked secure in his dress but not snarky. Good job! We are probably not a match.
  • A man seeing me pull up to the stop light at Hollywood and La Brea suddenly stop and take out a few cardboard signs and finally choosing the one that said “smile it will make you feel better” and showing it to me. Again, not a match.
  • A toddler walking a 125 pound pit bull. Not one adult around him thought this was a problem. They should not reproduce again either.
  • Smelling a strong odor of marijuana coming out of the handicap stall of the work bathroom. They should probably check the security tapes for that.
  • Spiked, yellow fluorescent heels that I once saw on Lady Ga Ga on an office desk. I am sure they were a new type of bookend.
  • A man walking a yellow, albino python LIGHTLY wrapped around his neck (only reason I am sure of the type of snake is because my college freshman year boyfriend had the same kind).
  • Man driving a plumbers work truck rocking out to Journey at the top of his lungs. Well, it is good singing music (and the SF Giants theme song!).
  • Young, good looking man walking up to me (in Christian Dior heels) and ask if I was working. NO – NOT A MATCH.
  • Melanys Guydline #51 -If you take pics on Hollywood Blvd be sure to bring sanitary bathroom seat covers. You never know what you will bring home with you.