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Published June 05, 2012
Love Listed


Oh how I miss taking thee.

Baths are the perfect way to unwind, but are mostly the only way to take a water submerged nap.

They are possibly the only thing that actually relieves stress for me, and also releases my true identity: an angry california prune.


Vacationing is the best way to escape the shit you want to procrastinate doing like dishes, paying your rent, or feeding those things you own that meow.
It also so happens to be a great way for you to get people to do that shit for you while you're gone.

Double A+ for everyone! Well, everyone except the poor house sitter.

3. Harry Potter

'nuff said yo.

2.Pomeranians' Fur

I don't love the dog, just it's soft fluffy fabulously, fierce  fur.

Sometimes I like to think about how much better the world would be if we were all
pomeranians with soft, lucious cascading coats. We would die of sheer uncontaninable joy, but those few seconds of life would be the most beautiful and pleasant experience for everyone. Totally worth it.

1. Love
I love love and but absolutely hate hate.

Hate Hit Listed

5. Bathroom Doors That Don't Close

This is a problem that I occasionally have with my current bathroom door, and because of it I have a problem of my cat pushing it open and curiously watching my nightly routine. I have no hate for curiosity, but she's also being nosey. I have no idea what she's going to run off and tell all the neighborhood cats, you know?


I don't know if you are supposed to write it in all caps, but I did, and it also emphasizes my hatred for them. Should I say hatred? Maybe it's all a big mistunderstanding. I'm going to call up lolcats tonight and sort this out.

3.Wet Feet

Isn't it just the worst when you get wet feet at the beginning of your day and are forced to accept that awkward feeling until you get home? My feet always get itchy after a while which makes me panic and start to think I'm getting gangrene. I start saying meaningful goodbyes to my feet, which makes my fellow bussers, in turn, hate me. Let's eliminate wet feet! Free rubber boots for everyone! It's time to write to your heads of government and finally bring this critical issue to
the forefront of parliment!

2. People Who Sit Beside You in A Movie and Fart The Entire Time

Oh man, pretty self explanitory, but if you aren't feeling well, maybe you should go home. If you're a gassy lassie, just go sit by yourself please. For the sake of humanity, just take one for the team.

1. Hate

A bit predictable as the number one on the love list sort of already gave it away, but if this list is anything, it's coherent.


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