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Published: February 13, 2014
Description: Ouya is worlds first Android console which began his life at Kickstarter with outstanding 8.5 million dollars raised. Most people believe this is the next step in the game console revolution - cheep but fun console based on android.

Android is otherwise engaged once you get your Google play developer console for everyone recently. The console is focused on how once will make and publish applications. The new console is able to be explored with the Android developers

Principally of your new Google Play console is just how anybody can put his application facing plethora of Android users worldwide whilst keeping tabs on how the app is going. The newest ouya is laden by using a streamlined publishing flow, new language options, and new user ratings statistics plus more useful tools for better Android apps development.

Highlighting options that come with new Google Play Console:

Navigation becomes sleek, fast & easy: As developers spend quite a long time, Google Play has got overhauled interface for him or her. The modern UI is attracting check out, readily accessible way between apps and it loads quickly if an individual has a good amount of apps.

Created for Speed: It'll help you quickly locate the app data and business information you have to use each day.this is a new feature which can make android more appealing and useful

Track users activity: One of the most notable features would be the ability to tack the consumer activity as time passes. Android developers will see new stats about users rating. It's going to represent all ratings in graph about the existing and new user on day to day basis. The developer can also be in the position to break the details depending on device, country, carrier, Android version and others.

Improved publishing flow: The Google worked as a chef sincerely to revamp and streamline the app publishing process in order for the developers could possibly get more hours to develop apps. The developer start with either an APK or perhaps an app name. Now, it's possible to also make out clear differences between old and new versions of your apps that will make it simple to recognise unintentional changes before publishing the new type of app.

More languages with automated translation: The developers will clearly take advantage of the fresh publishing flow as well as the chance to publish your app listing in 49 different languages. Once any change is residing in the brand new kind of Console users can the automated translation on the listing on the internet and other soon coming devices.

Methods to arrive? The developers can go to their Developers console and click on the Try New version tab. Thus user can sound what changes Google has bought for better and reliable Android apps development.

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