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Published January 24, 2010
"LET'S GET READY TO FUMBLE!!  IT'S NFL CHAMPIONSHIP SUNDAY!!!Game 1 - the AFC Championship - New York Jets at Indianapolis ColtsToday at 2:00 PM Central the Indianapolis Colts will host the 7 and a 1/2 point underdog New York Jets at their home field Lucas Oil Stadium. Known for being one of the loudest stadiums in the NFL you can bet the "House will be Rockin'' for this one, and that means trouble with a capitol T for the Jets in the form of turnovers and penalties on silent snaps, missed handoffs, and procedure calls. The game boils down to Mark Sanchez and the Jet's top ranked "finesse' defense; can Sanchez get his passing game off the ground and away from the hands of the Colts rapacious defense, and can the the smaller yet nimbler Jet's defensive line put enough pressure on Peyton Manning to rein in the Colt's aerial stampede. Obviously, the odds are against it, but then again, the odds have been against the Jets all season and still - here they are. Maybe's there's "other factors" involved, things that ignite and spur teams on to new heights of performance that they never imagined, factors that have just as great an influence on the game as the stadium and the officials and the ...CHEERLEADERS !!!!The Jets Cheerleaders, known as the "Jets Flight Crew" are a high flying, fun loving bunch; wearing one of the raciest uniforms in the NFL with undoubtably the shortest skirts possible. This flight crew of our fantasies not only helps the Jets to achieve take-off, but they also fuel and light the afterburners of the Jets wild and rowdy fans. Like their team, they have their work cut out for them today against ...THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS CHEERLEADERS! Like their team, the colts cheerleaders will enjoy the home field advantage; the majority of the loud and enthusiastic fans, the better locker room, and the possibility of more fashion choices. They have a standard short skirted uniform like the Jets but this outfit is more apropos for heating up the frigid midwestern winters and, after the game thay can throw a leg over a horse or a Harley and take a nice, long, hard ride.Of Course, Cheerleaders aren't the only factor to be considered besides the players; there's the...WILD AND CRAZY FANS!!!Although there won't be near as many at the Lucas Oil Stadium, the few Jets fans that make it may prove to be more than a match for the mild mannered midwestern Colts fans; the Jets fans are notorious for wild drunken riotous behaviour that often made national news and usually required the intervention of security and police personnel at their sold out home games at the Meadowlands in New Jersey. The Colts are fortunate to have home field advantage because if this game was in New Jersey it would be cold, nasty, and a very hostile workplace. Of course the Colts have their own Rowdy fans as well...While not known for the inappropriate and often illegal debaucheries of the Jets' fans, the Colts' fans have their own brand of excess, which leans towards a Mummer's type of fashion sense. While not nearly as rude, crude, loud, and rowdy as the Jets fans, the Colts fans will make up for it in sheer numbers; there should be 50-60 THOUSAND of them there, and that will be a significant factor in the game.SO WHO'S GONNA WIN? WHO'S CUISINE WILL REIGN SUPREME? WHO'S GOING TO MIAMI!?As much as I'd love to see the upset, not only because I always pull for the underdog, but also because I believe the Jets are the better TEAM... I'm afraid the Colts featuring the "Peyton Manning Show" are just going to be too much for them... SO MY PREDICTION?THE INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - 34, THE NEW YORK JETS - 20Let's hope it's a good game... WHO DO YOU THINK IS GOING TO WIN?