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April 04, 2010


I could say to you that I spend alot of time on Facebook. I could say that I really burn alot over on Youtube, but the truth is much simpler.

I love Poker. I play Poker every chance I get... You could say I almost have an unhealthy love of the game deserving of meetings several nights a week, but the only reason I don't go to them is because we would probably play Poker.

I play Casino poker some times and have played several leagues, I've been in the basements of strangers and in the garages of modern profeshionals. I've played dollar games and massive buy ins and I am good as long as I don't drink. When I drink when i play poker I start thinking that a pair of twos is a good hand to go all in on.

I have a team of wonderfull enablers that play poker as well, and well, They started hanging heavy over at Pokerstars.... Now I have been playing pokerstars for years and am not in anyway a regular there but since my enabelers are there, i often feel the need to go kick their asses which often leads to my online time being squandered on a .25 cent table for for to six hours a day. Yep Loser.
The good news is Im a melincoly poster child and will soon snap out of it and be back to m old self again. Poker is better than Porn. Yep its like that.

I love all my FOD freinds but untill I kick the shit out of that guy named turd burner, I'm going to play. nothing is worse as a poker player than to keep getting beat by a guy named Turd Burner. Ahhhhhhh it just enflames me.