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April 28, 2008

Things you do to stay in the inner circle.

Truly the Grand Old Party

Jim McPartland


On Wednesday, 4/9/08, Republican Presidential hopeful John McCain came to Connecticut to speak at a private Town Hall style meeting hosted by Ray Dalio.

Dalio is the head of Bridgewater Associates which specializes in hedge funds.

Mr. Dalio is worth $4 Billion, a feat which has landed him on Fortune's 'Top 50 Wealthiest People' worldwide.

I don't think it should shock anyone that a guy with that much cash is supporting McCain. After all, he wants to stay in the 500 and, God forbid, if Obama gets elected-- well, he might have to give just a little more in Social Security taxes and slide from #260 to 262 because 261 lives in Saudi Arabia and there isn't that drain on his personal income to contend with.

So Senator "I'm as Old as Stonehenge” McCain says the economy is the #1 priority. He said 'While we're sitting here now, I'm sure you can appreciate that American families are sitting around the kitchen table figuring out if they need to take a second job'. No fooling- that's a quote.

Does Sen. McCain think that Mr. Dalio's wife is considering a job at McDonald's if gas hits $4? Will Ray have to cut short his 6 month world wide sailing expedition next year? 'Oh, the humanity!' as the Hindenburg crash races through my mind.

In an unrelated story, a handful of Bridgewater Associates who have donated to the Obama campaign received pick slips Thursday.

Dalio says he's never 'actively supported a candidate before'. I'm not sure how he defines ‘active’. I think McCain would define it as 'cheap' as, out of his $4 Billion nest egg, Dalio has donated only $13k to McCain.

If I were in Dalio's shoes, I'd figure out if the Dems DO win, it's gonna cost me more than $13k. I can see the Dalios sitting in their 2000 sq. ft. dining hall, scratching their heads, saying 'How will we survive? We may have to send our illegal immigrant nannies back to Mexico'.

Now here's the thing that really scares me. McCain went on to say he would not rule out a 'preemptive war against another country'. I would have thought he'd figured out the 'preemptive' war we're currently in wasn't quite as 'preemptive' as he'd hoped.

This, to me, spells all the signs of a true life game of 'Risk'.

We have our 140 'U Boats' in Iraq, Al Qaeda is rolling a bunch of 6's from Afghanistan, and we'd better move over to Iran if we want to keep our Middle East strong hold.

I'm trying not to jump on the 'McCain's Too Old' bandwagon, but when he says this shit, I just want to call the AARP and ask them to intercede before he does more damage to himself. Oh, and our country too.

After McCain left, there was a party for the employees- beer flowing-- Springsteen music playing-- and I'm thinking 'the Boss is turning in his Democratic-not-quite-dead-yet grave'.

I can hear it from New Jersey (or where ever Bruce is on the latest leg of his tour) - 'Yo, John- quit playing my freakin' songs at your fundraisers. I didn't write Born in the USA to be interpreted as Died in Iraq-e-A!'

And Ol' Johnny Boy-- note to self-- our present economy is DIRECTLY tied to the war. We're ringing up an American Express tab that, even without interest, won't be paid off until your great-to-the-10th-power grandkids are born.

Oh the humanity indeed.